"...raw, intense...with subtle grace and charm...dynamite...perfectly cast..."

                         -Bobby Lepire, Film Threat

" definitely will want to check out [Keefe] to see what comes next ... Intermedium may likely become something you remember watching long after [her] mainstream success ..."                                                                                                                    -Amari AllahWherever I Look

"played to perfection... absolutely dynamic... truly wonderful..."

                  -Richard Propes The Independent Critic

"Keefe plays [Bridget's] boiling over frustrations with the right amount of guilt, angst, and utter contempt for everything in her life right now. This makes the character’s flaws relatable as opposed to an obstacle to audience sympathy."           

                                       -Bobby Lepire, Film Threat

"Keefe goes from uptight to just right in 0-60 and is simply masterful at peeling back the comedic and dramatic layers of Bridget. The journey that unfolds in the film's 21-minute running time is both entertaining and engaging, a credit to Keefe's remarkable ability to sell both her control and her losing that control."           

                     -Richard Propes The Independent Critic


Best Actress in a Short, Winner 

Reading Film Festival


Best Actress, Gold Winner

Independent Shorts Awards

All I Can See

Best Actress, Honorary Mention

Oniros Film Festival

All I Can See