Wrapped Feature Film, Departure!

I am finally home. I have graduated college and completed principle photography on Departure. I guess, now life starts? But first a quick reflection.

I am really excited to share this film. It is such a unique project. The film is a family drama broken into four segments from the perspective of a different family member -- the Dad, the Daughter (me), the Aunt, and the Mom. Each segment goes through the same time period, and each segment reveals more and more. AND each segment is written and directed by a different director from a different country. We have Iran, Turkey, Columbia, and the United States represented. How awesome is that?! What an amazing, collaborative experience. And these guys know how to write real, complex women.

I don't want to give too much plot away, but I will tell you that I got to drive this awesome food truck (see above). I honestly thought I was going to kill someone with it (or accidentally drive it into the river). There was one shot where John, our DP, was shooting on the top of a ladder and I had to pull up and stop right in front of it. Let me explain -- food trucks are a LOT different to operate than a car. Coming to a stop takes a lot more... gusto. Not only did I have to make it look like I wasn't stopping at a mark every time, but also, that I wasn't horrified of killing John.

While I wasn't trying not to kill my DP, I was thinking about how lucky I was to be in Ohio with these people. What an amazing shoot with this amazing crew. I got to work with the wonderful and talented Paris Perrault, Abby Eiland, and Yang Miller. Dustin Jenkins was a joy to work with as a director, and John Veleta taught me how to tango with the camera. Shoutout to Sophia, Patrick, and Johna for making me feel at home. And to Paris for leaving so many goodies for me in the house!

Well, gotta go unpack now.