Samsung Commercial

June 23, 2017

Today I filmed a Samsung commercial directed by the lovely (and patient) Daniel Navetta in Chelsea, New York. It was just me and a dog, and I had to take a LOT of selfies on set. 


Here's a ridiculous photo of me lookin glam:


This shoot was really cool because it was the biggest set I have ever worked on. There was a huge crew and a LOT of equipment, which was a little overwhelming at first, but I got over it.


When I auditioned for this, all I had to do was smile at the camera with my phone in my hand. No callback. Isn't that wild? Not used to this yet...


Takeaway from this experience: when you're on set with a dog, you. don't. matter. 

"Does the dog have water? Is the dog comfortable? Do we have a fan for the dog? Can someone get some food for the dog? Is the dog happy? Is the dog well lit? Does the dog have a double chin?" and I'm like hi I haven't eaten in eight hours and I have to pee and my nails are turning purple from dehydration.


But hey. Love dawgs so I ain't salty one bit.


(No but seriously I am exaggerating for effect everyone took good care of me)





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