Booked! Crashing on H.B.O.

I honestly can't even write about this for too long because it was just so surreal and so crazy that it just. Wow.

I booked a role on H.B.O.'s Crashing starring Pete Holmes, and I got to rip fake bong with Pete Holmes for the day. I got my own dressing room, transportation, the whole nine. The whole day I was just like. What is happening. I couldn't believe that I booked this so soon after graduating.

What was so wild was that the other dude that was cast in the scene was in my middle school production of Peter Pan. Like. WHAT?! I played Wendy and he played Smee. And now we're playing stoners on H.B.O. Cedar Drive, hope we're making you proud.

Catch us on the last episode of Season 2 of Crashing! Season premiers this January.