Bastion: Playing Brooklyn in Manhattan

I auditioned for this film April of 2016. This was a part that I read and I absolutely needed to play.

Brooklyn Viscetti is a self-identified gypsy that Bastion meets on his crazy adventures. She is very eccentric. I felt like a mix between Stevie Nicks and a modern day Sally Bowles (which, if you know me, is a dream). She reads palms. She wears excessive jewelry. And when she gets shots in a bar, she has a little goblet that she pours them into.

We filmed in a Hookah bar in the East Village and then in Upstate New York. It was a beautiful drive up. I listened to Stevie on my ride up and Stevie + that scenery was magical.

Takeaway from this shoot -- it is 100% possible to feel 100% comfortable on set with men as a woman. It is RARE. But it is possible. These guys made me feel like a human and gave me a little beacon of hope in some pretty dark times for actresses. It filled my heart with joy. We had so much fun, and I felt so relaxed. And I laughed a LOT.

This one is expected for 2019 festival circuits. I've seen some footage and it's. Wow. Amazing. I can't wait to see what Justin and Baxter do with it.