New Departure Trailer + Post Indiegogo Campaign

In addition to a faboo new trailer (see below) featuring the filmmakers of Departure, an Indiegogo campaign has been launched to raise funds for post production adventures.

I wanted to share some of the Indiegogo campaign content here, and, if you are interested, CLICK HERE to donate and learn more! Every bit counts.

About the Film:

Set in a small town in southeast Ohio, Departure is a feature film that explores the lives of four disillusioned family members who face their own trials during the tragic events of a single day. Our film is the product of four filmmakers from four different countries coming together to depict a story about the struggles and values we hold in common. We funded the shoot by winning multiple grants, and now we're asking for your help to raise funds for professional post-production services.

About my character, Anne Foreman:

Anne is a headstrong and impulsive seventeen year old. When it becomes clear that certain secrets she’s kept from her parents are about to come to light, she takes matters into her own hands to protect her future and leave her family behind.

New trailer and intro from filmmakers: